1968 : I began music in Brazzaville playing with my first band called LES OMBRES.

1970 : Claude ALAIN, a  reporter of the congolese TV called me to join his band, LES SENSAS.

1974 : With Aurlus MABELE, Jean BARON, Pedro WAPECHKADO, we created a new band called NDIMBOLA LOKOLE.

1983 : I became the laureate of the music contest "Découvertes" organised by RFI (Radio France Internationale), which allowed me to play in Mauritius Island, in Paris and some other places in France.

1984 : Shows in Paris and its suburbs

1987 : After taking part in African singings and Caribbean recordings, I recorded my first LP's "chanti die" (Mélodie) under my name but already with the future members of LOKETO. Birth of LOKETO that appeared in the movie BLACK  MIC MAC 2 that year.

1988 : I toured with LOKETO in Europe, Africa and North America.
Boston, USA
Canada, Foufounes électriques festival

First recordings from LOKETO "Trouble", where you can listen to one of my songs 'Monsa'.

I left LOKETO to form the band KEBO.

1989 : After European tours,  I made my first CD with  KEBO, "Pour Toi" .

 Baia's festival in Capo Verde
I formed the woman's band with Denise CAIRO, LES A'NANAS. A LP's "Les A'nanas".

1990 : Many concerts in Berne, Switzerland
in Utrecht and Amsterdam (Roots Rythm Club), Netherlands
in La Baule, France, in Martinique (Bitaco)

A record "Kebo"

1991 : "Louzolo"

1992 :  "Triple Force'  

1993 : Cameroon, TV shows

1994 : Concerts all around Cameroon

1995 : Concerts in Nîmes, France

1997 : Claude DRUCK  called me to sing in his CD, "Mokokissa"

2004 : a new CD "Kebo Na Brazzaville"

2005 : I composed "Coup de Filet", my last work with my old friend Jean Baron who died in 2005.  I've got many projects alone and with my band, KEBO

2007 : First LOKETO reformed with Aurlus Mabele, Diblo Dibala, Mack Macaire and Mav Cacharel for the 20th anniversary of the band. Our last CD "reconciliation" released.

2008 : LOKETO is soon on tour